Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time for a Change!

It's that time of year when many feel like shifting, changing old habits, making new commitments and hoping that their Resolution will be made in no time. Most are reading this saying: "Isn't she a little late in posting this." Well, I'm here to bring some good news. You don't have to wait until the beginning of a New Year in order to start making changes in your life. You have the option to start when you feel it's right for you!

In this world you need to know that everything you do starts with your inner being, it starts with yourself. Any decision you make, you need to make it with confidence, with determination and without FEAR!  You need to know that the decisions you make are made by listening to that inner "God like" voice you have. Although we live in a society that critiques our everyday move, You hold your head up high knowing something great is coming your way, knowing that every choice you make you've made it with confidence.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Finding your Happiness"

We live in a world that focus so much on the negative things people do, it's no wonder why so many have lost connection with themselves and their sense of happiness.
After my last article, I asked family, friends, and readers to advise on anything that they wanted to read about. A close friend of mine said "I would like to read about maintaining a sense of happiness ... I'm miserable and can't find it anywhere." The only thing I could reply back was "I can't believe my friend is saying that." I don't know why I couldn't say more, maybe it was me assuming that everything was fine and that she was happy, but I was wrong. This one is for you my Friend, I hope I connect with you and others that have seemed to misplaced their happiness.

What is happiness? According to
Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. There are no specific details as to what "happiness" really is because only YOU can define what brings you joy. "Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely in what you think," Dale Carnegie. We tend to judge things as we see ourselves not as they are, before you beat yourself up about the things you claim you're not getting enough of, stop for a second and realize how BLESSED you are that you are going through what you have been going through. Why? Because, it's a mental phase, it's something you have control over. Yes, I know there are so many things we go through in life but the sooner we accept it and see the positive in any situation you are in, the sooner you will meet with happiness.

I have lived by the 4:8 Principle for a while, I don't mean to get religious but this principle can be used for the "spiritual" as well, it's based on the book of Philippians. I understood this principle more because of Tommy Newberry, who is an exceptional motivational coach He wrote this book (The 4:8 Principle) which explains ways to focus on the positive things YOU have in your life and you will in turn help you find more happiness.  It's a philosophy that teaches you to accept yourself and to change the way you think when you receive obstacles. It's a method of appreciating everything you have to allow you to enjoy every moment of life in true bliss. If you have a chance I recommend to read this book. Now, lets focus on how we can work on getting and keeping happiness in our life.

The obvious thing is to start with yourself. I would suggest to play detective, go back and think of  certain events that have brought you joy. Try to find out where you lost the connection with yourself and where did all this sorrow begin? As human beings we find it so easy to beat ourselves up, just learn to deal with things and let go of them. The longer you hold them in, the more damage you do to yourself and the harder it is for you to find your happiness. If you can't conclude as to where or how your happiness started fading, get creative, feed your mind and let your soul take you back. Find some quiet time, open up an album and take notice on the many different smiles that appear. Maybe even carry a picture that will help you deal with frustrating events. Recapturing certain events in your life is one of the best ways to stay connected with your inner happiness.
How about your accomplishments? Try to think about different success you have had, create a list that you can glimpse when you are faced with challenges, it could be a promotion, having kids, buying a car or a house etc, etc. This is your happiness and only you can determine how happy you want to be. Something else you can do, which I can never get enough of is to TREAT yourself. Go and indulge on some chocolate if it makes you happy, how about pampering yourself, as women our needs not only consist in hanging with our friends or maintaining our household but also making sure we are well groomed, be it your eyebrows, hair, a manicure or pedicure. A major habit to avoid is having "pity-parties." You know those moments when someone ask "How's it going?" and you tell them everything you have gone through in the last 24 hrs. Let's face it, we have our close friends who are willing to listen to those moments, it's not for everybody to know, in reality most people really don't want to hear about more problems because they have their own they need to deal with. Try this sometime, before you go to someone about an obstacle you are going through, look in a mirror and express your issues out loud, this will allow you to see how "enormous" you have made the issue to be. You must also "realize that the things you read, watch, or listen to and especially the people you choose to associate with either will bring you close to joy or nudge you further away." There are so many things you can do to find your happiness, you just need to search and learn to keep it.

This doesn't mean that you can ignore the things you go through. You can deal with any obstacle that comes your way. Some will be harder to deal with than others but you can choose to make it worst if you focus on worrying, or choose to accept it and make it better by being grateful. Thanking your creator is crucial because it will help you concentrate on your current blessings and even your future blessings. Remember you will receive only what deep down you believe you are worthy of having and Smile, because it confuses everyone. And to my friend I hope by the time you finish reading this you have already found your happiness and are smiling.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"To Love or not To Love"

Many roam this world with the desire to love and to be loved, to find that person who sweeps you off your feet, gives you butterflies, & makes you blush. It becomes a mission to find that thing called "Love". There are people that experience love more than once, others have the beautiful opportunity to experience it once in their life, but there are those who never have the chance to experience what it feels like to be loved. Why are so many looking for love? Maybe, it's not so much that you need to find love but that you need to learn how to keep Love?

When you finally find your Prince charming/Princess you hear about so much during your childhood, you escape into the world of Love. You know, the world where you can't explain why you feel the way you do, when you get butterflies thinking of the possibility of where this love will go, or those deep sighs you take when you think of that special person, *sigh* love really is special, maybe I just live in a fantasy world, but I like it there. I believe in Love and you can find it if you truly wanted to.

But there is also that dark side of love that unfortunately some have to experience. Within the last couple of years I have dealt with different friends & family members that have gone through so much pain due to choices that they or their partner have made. I listened and wondered how could one find the strength to break through all this pain? There are many that have dealt with betrayal and have dealt with it silently. The trust you have worked so hard to earn has disappeared in a snap. Just like that, you think, "It's over"! You think, "Should I make an attempt to make this work", "Will it be worth it?" It seems like the person that once made you feel like you were the only one in the world, now makes you feel like you don't exist. The cycle changes, love becomes loathe! Between the two so much has been accumulated and slowly a cycle of disrespect occurs. What is it that leads to all this, Is it the spark that was once there and has slowly diminished? Is it boredom, in search of excitement? These are things only the person that caused the pain can answer. I read something in a recent blog that I found sums up a lot (  "Within a soul, what matters is how you feel for them and not how they feel for you." If you have gone through this process of betrayal I ask you to make a decision based on your Love for that person. If they hurt you and you are willing to start fresh and really find it in your heart to forgive & forget, Do it! At some point in your new relationship with this person you will find your "Aha" moment, where you will realize that this person made a terrible mistake & wishes that they could take it back, but can't. Some don't care to make things better, others will fight! They'll fight hard to make it work because they have found their peace, whatever it may be for them but they have found it.  They fight because they know that the Love they feel for this person is still there and is waiting to shine again.

How do you determine if it will ever be the same? It won't! But as they say: "It's a new day" Whose to tomorrow will come?  Face it: You'll never understand why the person did what they did. So you have many choices to choose from: Do you want to wonder all your life if you will ever find true love again? Are you willing to loose a few years in search of love and maybe end up with the same person, all due to love? Whatever you decide to do, nobody will ever understand but they don't need to. If people learned to stay out of others relationships, there would be a lot more happier couples.
As my father's days were coming to an end, he would always say: "If I'm going to die, I want to die Happy" So, I will end with that: Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are happy!

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it!
This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Reason behind Magnetizinglife"

I have decided to write about the name I chose for this blog: "magnetizinglife". We all know what a magnet does, but I wanted to confirm that I was on track and this is what I came across:
A permanent magnet is an object made from a material that is magnetized and creates its own persistent magnetic field. An everyday example is a refrigerator magnet used to hold notes on a refrigerator door. 
My goal is to help others "magnetize" positive results to their life experiences. Although we may go through things in life that we can't control, the outcome will be based on how you act or think of the situation. I have always believed that the things you have in your life have been magnetized by You, as it states in, "magnets, create it's own persistent magnetic field."

This blog is intended to help you magnetize greatness, happiness, & positiveness. The more you learn how to do that, the more positive things will come to you, It's all in the way you see things you go through. This blog is not intended for you to continuously stay in a rut, so if you think everything in your life is crap and don't believe things will change, than this is not the blog for you to follow. So, stand like a refrigerator full of positive thoughts and let the universe magnetize all the great things you deserve.

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it!
This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

"With a Smile"

I was in a scenario a few days ago with someone who got upset about a situation they had no control over. I tried speaking with them as I was driving but there was only silence. I felt like I was driving in slow motion, as I passed a local park. But, I had the opportunity to witness something that encouraged Me to write this: I witnessed a mother happily pushing her son in a wheelchair, the expression his mother & him had was unbelievable! I wondered, How can someone who looks like they will never get off a wheelchair have so much joy just because they were feeding the geese? That's how some may look at this moment I experienced, but to Me it was so much more.
Here I am, witnessing something that this family will have to deal with as a lifelong issue vs someone who is upset about a temporary issue. I guess it's a small reminder, that we are very fortunate and we need to learn to appreciate every thing we have, there are so many people with so much to complain about, yet they choose to feed the geese with a smile.
Although you didn't experience this the way I did, I hope this small note will help you realize all the fortune you have and that you may deal with your problems with a smile.   :)

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it! 
This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best that she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As Aretha Franklin says: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Find out what it means to me”!

There are many different levels of mutual Respect, to name a few: respect for your partner, respecting someones opinion and my favorite: Self-Respect, ladies that goes out to You!  We should understand that the same way we have different fingerprints, we all have different levels of Respect. When you're dealing with your fellow brothers and sisters your goal is to find out where they stand in the “respect-meter”. 
The most important matter in respect is this: No matter how you feel towards someone else, and no matter how they treat you, you always have the choice to behave respectfully. You don’t define other people by what you think of them. You do define yourself by how you behave. When you choose to treat others with respect you are on your way to earning respect at the highest level.
The Power of your mind shows how Powerful you can be! 

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it! 

This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best that she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Open your Eyes"

We wake up in the morning, open our eyes but walk around with them closed. What do you mean? Let me explain: We wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is: Open our eyes, but we go about our daily routine with our eyes closed. So many fail to see the world we live in, the things we do, the way we act, the things we say. There are so many different areas in our life that we need to learn how to master, yet we get so caught up on what's the latest style, gossip, who has what, where did they get, how much was it, can I get a better one? Others just walk around like zombies, thinking: "I'll live life to the fullest until I die". Wake Up! Really take time to smell that coffee or whatever it is that wakes you up in the morning, and realize that you are more than just someone who was put here to do nothing.

There is so much we need to be aware of, so many ways we can improve, so much goodness we can offer others. But we get so caught up with everything around us that we neglect to focus on the one thing that is important to us: growth. Not in size but in the things we do, the way we carry ourselves, the things we say, the way we treat people. There is so much evil in this world but it will never be enough, knowing that Love has greater power. It's finding the beauty in others, it's improving the things we criticize others for, it's  offering genuine help to those in need, it's giving without asking for anything in return.

Our mission here is NOT to fulfill our materialistic needs, but to fulfill our Spiritual needs. It is easier to get the materialistic things when we focus on fulfilling our Spiritual needs. We are here to become the best we can become. How will you start? What areas can you improve in?

Julia S Gutierrez

Remember: If the shoe fits wear it! This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's merely Julia's mission to help others become better as her goal is to be the best that she can be. Thank you


“Abre tus Ojos”

Nos despertamos cada mañana, abrimos nuestros ojo y caminamos alrededor con los ojos cerrados. Te preguntaras que signica esto? Dejame explicar: Nos despertamos cada mañana y lo primero que hacemos es: abrir los ojos pero hacemos nuestra rutina diaria con los ojos cerrados. Tantas decepciones en ver en el mundo en que vivimos, las cosas que hacemos, la manera en la que actuamos, las cosas que decimos. Hay tantas areas en nuestras vidas que debemos aprender como manejarlas, mas nos preocupamos en el ultimo chisme, la moda, Quien tiene eso?, Donde lo consiguieron?, Cuanto cuesta? O si yo puedo tener algo major que lo que otrso tienen? Hay otros que caminan en la vida como Zombies, pensando en: “vivir la vida a lo maximo como si fuera el ultimo dia de sus vidas”. DESPIERTA! Tomate un tiempo para apreciar el aroma de café o lo que sea que te despierta en las mananas y date cuenta que tu eres mas que alguien que vino hacer nada. 

Hay tanto que tenemos que tener cuidado, tantas cosas por mejorar y tantas cosas buenas que podemos brindar a otros. Pero nos entretenemos mas en cualquier otra cosa y nos olvidamos y talvez negamos en enfocarnos en una cosa mas importante, la cual es: CRECER. No en tamano, sino en las cosas que hacemos, en la manera en que nos comportamos, las cosas que decimos y en como tratamos a otras personas. Hay tanta maldad en este mundo que nunca va hacer suficiente, pero el amor tiene mucho mas poder. Descubrir la belleza en otros, mejorando las cosas que criticamos, brindando ayuda a personas en necesidad, es dando sin recibir nada a cambio. 

Mi proposito no es llenar nuestras cosas materiales pero si llenando en las cosas espirituales. Es mucho mas facil obtener cosas materiales cuando nos enfocamos primero en las cosas espirituales. Estamos aqui para convertirnos en personas mejores. Como empezamos? Que areas puedes mejorar?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Key of Life"

As, I was laying in bed with my arms wide open and legs straight, I looked above my head and saw this picture of an ankh that has been hanging there for a while. I had never seen it the way I did that day. Thinking what is the "Key of life"? What is the biggest mystery of humans accomplishing their mission here on Earth?

I realized it starts with "Me". The person that can be attuned with their inner descendants. Our ancestors can start guiding you into the things you need to get accomplished here on Earth. Our inner voice, that gut feeling we sometimes feel. These are simple ways our descendants are trying to reach out and help us with guidance.

You feel like you have life planned out! Everything seems to go your way and suddenly everything seems to come crushing down. But, Why? It's not supposed to be going this way, it's not what I was looking forward to. So many things can happen in a matter of seconds. You start thinking about everything that has taken an opposite direction of what you expected and before you know it, you're feeling down, depressed and ready to give up on everything you ever thought of doing. You talk to friends, family, mates, sometimes you even find yourself talking with a stranger. Most of the time you are out seeking answers for your challenges, You find that you have already thought of it! You knew the answers before even asking someone else? The reason you knew the answer was because your ancestors were helping you through your challenge. Most people feel confused because they don't physically see someone standing there guiding them, the original thought you had couldn't be what you were looking for. The more you ignore your inner voice, the farther away you detach from your ancestors. Sometimes sitting there quietly and listening to yourself will give you the best solution to your challenge.

Don't forget everything does start with your higher Power, but you will find that searching within yourself you can also connect to him. The next time you are seeking for answers remember you are the Key of life and you have the potential to find whatever answer you are in need of.

Julia Gutierrez

Monday, January 17, 2011

"No Excuses"

I am a weird breed. It sounds funny but it's true. I could use every excuse possible to look at myself as a failure. But all I expect from myself is greatness, and all I look forward to is Success. So why do so many people use excuses as much as they breath? I don't understand, from growing up in an abusive relationship to seeing alcoholism in our household to seeing a single mother fight for hers and become the best she could. How is it that Women get complacent with what they have? Better yet how is it that there are Women that just don't believe they can do more than they do. God has not given us the ability to stop and get complacent! He has given us the strength to always strive for more, to be better, to break the cycle of what might have be taught to Us. We have a choice to flourish and become as successful as possible, to have the best relationships, to have ever lasting love, to look and feel great. We need to stop looking at others to try to fulfill every emptiness we might have. We are the role models that our kids are searching for.

See excuses is overlooking what you have to offer. Excuses allow you to feel sorry for yourself rather than to face what your being challenged with. One goal is all you need: Everyday try to change your routine just a small change I'm not asking for anything drastic, God forbid (being sarcastic here) Just change one small thing from your routine. If you are used to going to the market in sweats, change into jeans. If you normally get coffee in the morning try getting water. These little changes will allow you to see potential growth and you will be surprised with some decisions you make. And before you know you will become a pro at it, than you can transfer it to bigger areas you make excuses for: money, love, kids behavior etc etc. This is only to help you improve.

The most high has created us in his image and in his likeness, shouldn't we start changing for the better? I guess only you can decide!