Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As Aretha Franklin says: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Find out what it means to me”!

There are many different levels of mutual Respect, to name a few: respect for your partner, respecting someones opinion and my favorite: Self-Respect, ladies that goes out to You!  We should understand that the same way we have different fingerprints, we all have different levels of Respect. When you're dealing with your fellow brothers and sisters your goal is to find out where they stand in the “respect-meter”. 
The most important matter in respect is this: No matter how you feel towards someone else, and no matter how they treat you, you always have the choice to behave respectfully. You don’t define other people by what you think of them. You do define yourself by how you behave. When you choose to treat others with respect you are on your way to earning respect at the highest level.
The Power of your mind shows how Powerful you can be! 

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it! 

This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best that she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

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  1. "You do define yourself by how you behave." So true!!