Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Snickers Time"

Weather it's your favorite chocolate snack or not, you have to admit Snickers commercials have some humor and their slogans are catchy. I on the other hand have found a new respect for this chewy & nutty chocolate bar, I call it: Snicker time! It's that deep breathe get away from it all moment, you know that quiet time you look for when you come home after a hectic day of work or even the alone time you long for after dealing with the kids.

It started with a visit from one of my sister in laws, she came over to see the newborn with the "clan" as we call our family, to see my newborn. After hearing five kids playing, screaming and fighting and two husbands going at it with a competitive game of Madden, we decided to take a quick trip to the store. She had the great idea of getting a snickers bar. So we paid, got into the van, split the bar between us  and enjoyed it as if we were two kids who were doing something mischievous, laughing the whole time. We both knew what the other was thinking: no screaming kids, or loud husbands. Just two Mommies sitting there enjoying a piece of chocolate without having to share....aaaahhhhh, so delicious.

A few weeks later Jimmy, my husband and I were doing seperate errands and suddenly we came across the same path as we headed home. To my amazement, guess what I see him devouring??? Yes, a snickers bar! After my deed, I had mentioned my little secret to my husband as if admitting a crime I had committed. But as we walked in together, we both just laughed as he gave me my due half. I'm sure he needed that "snickers time" especially having being in a house surrounded by all females. I know I definitely look forward to some alone time with my snickers bar after dealing with three kids who are all under the age of five!

No, I do not have any endorsement deals with Snickers yet. But after all that is said and done, my true favorite venture with this delicious chocolate bar is sitting in the van with my two precious princesses asking for a piece of Mommy's favorite chocolate. There is nothing more satisfying than breaking one bar into four little pieces for my clan, aaaahhhhhh.

Julia S Gutierrez