Monday, January 17, 2011

"No Excuses"

I am a weird breed. It sounds funny but it's true. I could use every excuse possible to look at myself as a failure. But all I expect from myself is greatness, and all I look forward to is Success. So why do so many people use excuses as much as they breath? I don't understand, from growing up in an abusive relationship to seeing alcoholism in our household to seeing a single mother fight for hers and become the best she could. How is it that Women get complacent with what they have? Better yet how is it that there are Women that just don't believe they can do more than they do. God has not given us the ability to stop and get complacent! He has given us the strength to always strive for more, to be better, to break the cycle of what might have be taught to Us. We have a choice to flourish and become as successful as possible, to have the best relationships, to have ever lasting love, to look and feel great. We need to stop looking at others to try to fulfill every emptiness we might have. We are the role models that our kids are searching for.

See excuses is overlooking what you have to offer. Excuses allow you to feel sorry for yourself rather than to face what your being challenged with. One goal is all you need: Everyday try to change your routine just a small change I'm not asking for anything drastic, God forbid (being sarcastic here) Just change one small thing from your routine. If you are used to going to the market in sweats, change into jeans. If you normally get coffee in the morning try getting water. These little changes will allow you to see potential growth and you will be surprised with some decisions you make. And before you know you will become a pro at it, than you can transfer it to bigger areas you make excuses for: money, love, kids behavior etc etc. This is only to help you improve.

The most high has created us in his image and in his likeness, shouldn't we start changing for the better? I guess only you can decide!