Monday, June 27, 2011

"With a Smile"

I was in a scenario a few days ago with someone who got upset about a situation they had no control over. I tried speaking with them as I was driving but there was only silence. I felt like I was driving in slow motion, as I passed a local park. But, I had the opportunity to witness something that encouraged Me to write this: I witnessed a mother happily pushing her son in a wheelchair, the expression his mother & him had was unbelievable! I wondered, How can someone who looks like they will never get off a wheelchair have so much joy just because they were feeding the geese? That's how some may look at this moment I experienced, but to Me it was so much more.
Here I am, witnessing something that this family will have to deal with as a lifelong issue vs someone who is upset about a temporary issue. I guess it's a small reminder, that we are very fortunate and we need to learn to appreciate every thing we have, there are so many people with so much to complain about, yet they choose to feed the geese with a smile.
Although you didn't experience this the way I did, I hope this small note will help you realize all the fortune you have and that you may deal with your problems with a smile.   :)

Julia S Gutierrez

Disclosure: If the shoe fits wear it! 
This blog is not intended in judging anyone. It's Julia's point of view. Her mission is to be the best that she can be & help others achieve that goal. Thank you!

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  1. This is so true Mej. So much to complain about without noticing the beauty of all the things around us.