Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Key of Life"

As, I was laying in bed with my arms wide open and legs straight, I looked above my head and saw this picture of an ankh that has been hanging there for a while. I had never seen it the way I did that day. Thinking what is the "Key of life"? What is the biggest mystery of humans accomplishing their mission here on Earth?

I realized it starts with "Me". The person that can be attuned with their inner descendants. Our ancestors can start guiding you into the things you need to get accomplished here on Earth. Our inner voice, that gut feeling we sometimes feel. These are simple ways our descendants are trying to reach out and help us with guidance.

You feel like you have life planned out! Everything seems to go your way and suddenly everything seems to come crushing down. But, Why? It's not supposed to be going this way, it's not what I was looking forward to. So many things can happen in a matter of seconds. You start thinking about everything that has taken an opposite direction of what you expected and before you know it, you're feeling down, depressed and ready to give up on everything you ever thought of doing. You talk to friends, family, mates, sometimes you even find yourself talking with a stranger. Most of the time you are out seeking answers for your challenges, You find that you have already thought of it! You knew the answers before even asking someone else? The reason you knew the answer was because your ancestors were helping you through your challenge. Most people feel confused because they don't physically see someone standing there guiding them, the original thought you had couldn't be what you were looking for. The more you ignore your inner voice, the farther away you detach from your ancestors. Sometimes sitting there quietly and listening to yourself will give you the best solution to your challenge.

Don't forget everything does start with your higher Power, but you will find that searching within yourself you can also connect to him. The next time you are seeking for answers remember you are the Key of life and you have the potential to find whatever answer you are in need of.

Julia Gutierrez


  1. Stephanie, Thank you for the support. I hope you let other women know about this blog.

    Julia S Gutierrez

  2. I like the part that says "You knew the answers before even asking someone else"
    Good work

  3. Thx Joaquin! I hope that I can help at least one person in Life change the way they think of themselves. It would complete my mission.

    Julia S Gutierrez