Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Growing up we dread Sunday nights because we're thinking about going to school on Monday. Than we reach adult-hood and we run through a similar cycle: We dread Sunday nights because we have to go to work on Monday. We can put a stop to that cycle, learning how to Magnetize the things you want in life.
Our Minds will believe anything we sell to it. The more we visualize the faster we can create it. From a small statement like: "Things never seem to go good" to "I enjoy the way things go for Me". Your Mind keeps tabs of everything you say and do!

The way to change this is to be conscious of the way you say things. Make your statements Positive, in the present tense. Sell it to yourself, so that you slowly make that change in your Mind, so that your Mind can see what you really want. It's all a domino effect. You must remember that everything you do on the outside, you are also doing inside your Mind. There are so many ways to Magnetize:


Make your life the life you have always wanted it to be. Don't let others dictate how your Life should be. Master yourself and everything else will fall in place!

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